Online Banking, Mobile, and Bill Pay

Which best describes your current digital experience at your credit union?

Pick the project stage that best represents where your organization is in its digital experience to see how CU Engage can guide your team.

We're Assessing our Approach

We're assessing the needs of our credit union and our members in this ever-changing digital environment.

We're Evaluating Vendors

We're evaluating vendors and the myriad of options we have when it comes to digital capabilities.

We're Strategizing on a Plan

We need a strategic plan that will support customer expectations as well as improve our virtual presence.

We're Negotiating Prices

We need help negotiating with our potential vendors to get the most value for our investment.

Not sure what stage best applies to your organization? Let’s start from the top.

Online Banking· Mobile· Bill Pay Assessment

Our team joins yours at your home base where we get key project members in the same room and we facilitate a collaborative brainstorming session. This allows us to pinpoint your team's pain points with your current online banking, mobile, or bill pay provider. We will also look at opportunities for improvement, and what the ideal environment for your credit union would look like - be it with the incumbent or a new provider.

Begin a Digital Assessment
  • Current Online Banking, Mobile, Bill Pay Contracts
  • Digital Member Experience
  • Current Vendor Pricing
  • 3rd Party Integration
  • Fraud & Risk Management
  • Relationship Management
  • System Integrations
  • Technology Gaps
  • Strategic OLB Goals
  • Cross-Department Priorities
  • Department Objectives
  • OLB Roadmap
  • OLB Data Analytics

Online Banking· Mobile· Bill Pay Evaluation

We take the heavy lifting of vendor evaluations so your team can focus on what's important. We'll keep your team involved throughout the online banking/mobile/bill pay vendor RFP collection and manage the vendor communications the whole way, setting up demos and reference calls so your team can make a well-informed decision as quickly as possible without bogging you down.

Guide my Digital Banking Evaluation
  • Member Experience
  • Vendor Reviews
  • Vendor Pricing Comparisons
  • Vendor References
  • Channel Consistency
  • Consumer vs Business Offerings
  • Strategic Alignment
  • System Integrations
  • Gap Analysis
OLB 1-01

Online Banking· Mobile· Bill Pay Strategy

We get so excited about building a strong strategy to bring your credit union into the future. Our passion for understanding the market and helping our clients really differentiates us in the consultant market. Once all of the online banking/mobile/bill pay vendor data has been collected, we bring it all together in a transparent, easy to understand way so your team can be confident you're making the best decision for your future.

Lead my Digital Strategy
  • Marketing Reporting
  • Administration
  • Vendor Education
  • Marketing
  • Vendor Integration
  • Usability
  • Implementation
  • Cross-departmental Goal
  • Roadmap Planning & Milestones
  • Organizational Readiness
  • Industry Trends
  • Best Practices

Online Banking· Mobile· Bill Pay Negotiation

This is the part of the project that our team enjoys most. We know what is hiding in your contracts. The money we uncover for our clients is unparalleled. We believe so strongly in our process that we guarantee our price. If you've already decided on an online banking, mobile or bill pay vendor or are happy with your incumbent but are curious about your options, give us a call. This is where we can make a huge difference.

Negotiate my Contracts
  • Pricing Comparison/Analysis
  • 3rd Party Integration Expenses
  • Bill Pay, A2A and P2P expenses
  • Growth Incentives
  • Contract Review
  • Overall Cost of Ownership

See Who Runs Our Online Banking· Mobile· Bill Pay Projects

Loretta Weller-Mowers is our Online Banking· Mobile· Bill Pay expert - energized by the ever-changing digital landscape, Loretta and her team will assist credit unions with their journey by leveraging her focused experience in this arena. Want to know more about Loretta? Check out her bio.