Director of Technology: Heather Moshier

Heather Moshier, former CIO of $8B San Diego County Credit Union, joins CU Engage as the new Director of Technology Consulting

St Petersburg, FL, January 15, 2018: There is one constant we can count on in financial services – change. Technology can be an enabler or inhibitor of change in credit unions depending on the availability of resources and knowledge. The CU Engage team has one goal: to provide strategic guidance on key decisions that impact membership growth and engagement. The technology, tools, and systems that credit unions use are an integral part of that membership engagement level. However, all too often in the credit union industry, either technology is pushing the business or business is pushing technology, keeping credit unions from leveraging the full advantage of their own channels and payments ecosystem. We help credit unions create a holistic approach to connect the facets of their business and help deliver technology services that ultimately impact their members.

Moshier’s over 20 years of experience at SDCCU scaling them from $400 million in assets to over $8 billion in assets brings first-hand knowledge of the hundreds of systems that credit unions manage today.

“We are thrilled to have such a well-respected technology leader join our growing team at CU Engage,” says founder James Guild. “Heather will be leading our technology consulting practice, guiding credit unions of all sizes through pivotal reviews of their current infrastructure and helping them plan for the future.”

Heather will be hosting an Executive Technology Summit for leading executives in San Francisco in late March where direct market feedback will help drive near-term deliverables for the credit union market. For more information on the Summit or CU Engage, email

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CU Engage is a team of passionate, knowledgeable advisers focused on helping credit unions understand the complex payment and channels market. We assess current challenges, provide insight into the vendor landscape and assist with vendor selection and negotiation.

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