Podcast: CU Engage & Redstone CU

In this podcast, CU Broadcast hosts a short interview with CU Engage Founder/Partner, Jenn Addabbo, and CIO of Redstone FCU, Harry Gunsallus about their respective brands and processor negotiation processes.

They both explain why it’s worth taking a deeper look into your contracts.

With $3.7 billion in assets, Redstone CU has grown to be one of the top 25 credit unions in the nation. Listen to this short podcast as we speak with Harry Gunsallus, CIO of Redstone FCU about:
– The importance of focusing on your payments strategies
– How Redstone is transforming their payments solutions for their members

– Why your credit union should consider doing the same for your processor negotiation

Ready to hear why your credit union should not overlook this crucial step? Listen now, below:

“If you have not looked at your brand or processor contracts, there is a fair amount of money left on the table. It’s worth your while to take a look at that.”
-Harry Gunsallus, CIO Redstone Federal Credit Union
“Start early. Start your review now. Credit unions tend to wait until a year before a contract is up, and that’s not enough time. Give yourself 18-24 months ahead of a contract turn to look at your options for processor negotiations.”
– Jennifer Addabbo, Founder/Partner CU Engage

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